Chant Group

Chant Group

Jill Harris & Agustina Vigano

The vibration of sound from chanting is known to bring healing to body and mind. Mantra (chant) is one of the traditional tools of yoga practice, often less explored in Western yoga.In the energetic anatomy of yoga, the voice and throat region ties in with stimulation of the vissudhi chakra. When this energetic centre is out of balance we may have challenges with communication, and listening. Creativity and self expression can feel stifled. Chanting influences this chakra directly and can  assist us to step into speaking and forming our own truth.

Movement through the throat space also directly affects our endocrine system via the stimulation of thyroid, parathyroid and thymus glands – our regulators of metabolic function. The sound produced through chant also soothes the nervous system and naturally switches us to the parasympathetic function which allows the body to restore and heal.Join us to find your voice through mantra (call and response) and discover the meaning behind these ancient chants.We will explore simple mantras from the ancient Upanishads (from the Vedas) honouring the sun, the elements, our bodies, health and more.

This monthly chant session is open to all. Come to listen, come to express! All welcome. No experience is necessary.

The following chant session will run on Saturday March 7.