Find a class that’s right for you!

The classes range from gentler practices to more dynamic and challenging. We encourage you to try a class to see how it feels, always working with a connection to your own capacity. Yoga is about removing obstacles, not creating them!

Please get in touch if you need advice on where to start.

Group classes

Beginner – Basics

For those with limited or no yoga experience or prefer a gentler practice. This class builds on basic postures with respect to developing further breath and body awareness. Can be joined in at any time! (Basic)

Flow and Restore

A slower, softer flowing practice that moves with the breath, subtly strengthening the body and calming mind. Combines a restorative element. Suitable for all levels of yoga experience. (Basic-Intermediate)

Yin Restore

A static practice that targets the stretching of the connective tissue such as ligaments and joints. Longer held poses, both seated and lying will bring a restorative element to the class. (Basic/Intermediate)

Stability and Strength

A moderately paced practice that is a combination of moving and staying with a focus on building strength and steadiness. Breath will be challenged! Some yoga experience and a good fitness level recommended. (Intermediate)


An energetic Vinyasa style class that moves! Incorporates more advanced postures. For those with considerable yoga experience and strong bodies. (Intermediate-Advanced)

Specialised classes

Mat Pilates

Designed to align, lengthen and strengthen your body, focusing on core work and correcting posture. (Intermediate)

Therapeutic Yoga

A class focusing on gentle movement, restorative postures and breath awareness. Targeting the parasympathetic nervous system and subtly restoring energy. Different conditions and needs can be catered for. (Basic)


This 6 week series offers a gentle and restorative exercise therapy that explores Taoist flow, creating balance and harmony for mind and body. (Basic-Intermediate)

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