Our teachers are trained in a variety of styles and lineages and all have their own unique flavour when it comes to teaching yoga. A dedication to facilitating ‘your experience’ of the practice is what we are all about!

Our teachers


Jill Harris

It is hard to remember a time when yoga wasn’t part of my life. I dabbled in classes through my early 20’s and in 2002 I set on the path of a 2 year teacher (500 hour) teacher training course through the lineage of Sri T Krishnamacharya. I have been studying and teaching consistently since I graduated in 2004 with my mentor Barbara Brian, and the Desikachar family – in Australia and India.

I also conduct a 500 hour teacher training course in the Krishnamacharya tradition for those who want to explore the deeper teachings of yoga.

My special interest is in yoga philosophy and utilising yoga as a therapy to help individuals achieve health and healing. I am currently studying a 1000 hours Yoga Therapy course and also taking part in an exciting research project involving yoga for mental health through Deakin Uni and Barwon Health in Geelong.

When I’m not teaching or practising yoga I am fulfilling another dharma to my husband and two boys and can be regularly spotted walking our Kelpie on the beautiful Ocean Grove beach.


Sheridan Reaper

My first yoga experience was in 2003 and I was immediately taken by the calmness that over come me. I then completed my first 200hr teacher training in 2005 with that very teacher in the Macedon Ranges. From then I’ve been off and on the mat at times juggling family and other work commitments.
I have completed level 1&2 Yin Training with Truth Robinson and another 200hr teacher training with Duncan Peak – both from Power Living Yoga. On this learning journey I have also discovered my love for Qi Gong (Chinese standing meditation).
My own practice of yoga is strong but being aware of the connection with my breath always keeps me calm – no matter what I do in life.
I am passionate about teaching people the importance of being strong & stable within their physical form but also to find kindness and compassion towards self and others. Everybody deserves to have stillness and give them self precious time to be in this space. This is the gift that yoga offers.


Suzie Wylie

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and completed teacher training in 2011 at Balance, Yoga and Holistic Therapies Centre, in Glasgow, Scotland. I have since taught in yoga studios around Scotland and in Melbourne, Australia.

I have an empathic nature that allows me to be receptive to students’ needs hence I work intuitively but in a structured, relaxed and practical way. I value the many subtle and powerful qualities of yoga practice and aim to leave space and silence for the students to discover and journey through the experience themselves. In this way their practice and experience of yoga is truly their own.


Avanelle Derham

Mat Pilates

I first heard about Pilates back in 1992 after being introduced by a friend and was immediately intrigued. During rehabilitation for a car accident a few years later, I had my first studio session and was completely hooked! I loved the discipline, the control and the strength it gave to my entire body – and especially my mind and wellbeing. It became part of my daily life and has not stopped.

Becoming an instructor myself was a tiny seed planted by one of my first instructors. It grew over quite a few years and I finally began my Teacher Training at Breathe Education in 2012. I trained in the Stott Pilates method and and have also completed a Diploma in Pilates.

When I’m not teaching I am a well trained mum – taxi ferrying my two children about, walking our beautiful dogs Dave and Bear or helping my husband at our winery on the Bellarine Peninsula.


Tracey Vaught

I fill my days with educating the gorgeous little humans of the world as a teacher. I'm also Mum to two amazing teenagers and an active Kelpie who keeps me running - the other thing I love to do!

I am a total fan of feeling good from the inside out and relish the great outdoors and environment we live in. Through yoga I find the the strength and patience to move forward in life when obstacles are thrown my way. It always has the ability to heal my mind and body when I stop and listen to what I need.

Practicing yoga for over 2 decades and my natural 'teacher' personality drove me to investigative the teachings of yoga back in 2013. My yoga training is based on Krishnamacharya Tradition and was a 2 year and 500 hour accreditation process. My science degree in Western Human Physiology and Chemistry along with these studies based in the Eastern philosophies has given me a wealth of knowledge on how the body works. I love being able to deliver yoga to others from beginners to experienced students and see the importance of being able to adapt the practice according to the needs of each body.


Tina Mobbs

I remember a fellow artist suggesting we all head to a yoga class after hours of creative repetition in the studio. I can recall the feeling of moving through asana with many bodies, graceful instruction by the teacher. I was hooked, weaving yoga into my life’s tapestry for many years.

After having my third child I developed a desire for a stronger foundation of self, and subsequently my commitment to yoga deepened. My self enquiry led me to undertake the 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training here at Kyo Yoga in 2016.

Through these teachings yoga has permeated all aspects of my life, harmonising my body, mind and spirit. This is the gift of yoga and I’m eager to share this experience.


Petra Read

My classes are deeply informed by my training in Embodied Flow TM, a system of transformational yoga that invites students into their deepest sense of self through an integrative blend of hatha, somatics, pranayama, movement in meditations and tantric philosophy.

I’ve had the privilege to study with many inspiring teachers including Elena Brower, Tara Judelle, Dr. Scott Lyons and more.

The basis of my teaching premise is that yoga benefits everybody, and my personal approach leads students through an accessible series of sequences, free movement, attention to breath, steadiness and ease. This elicits the experience of stepping into flow as meditation in action.

I am passionate about sharing the magic of yoga in so many aspects – but mostly to provide a space in which students awaken their essential self and experience wholeness.


Agustina Vigano

My journey with yoga began in 2009 while traveling in India, where I was drawn to its philosophical and spiritual aspects. The more I read and learned about yoga, the more I came to understand that the body was the doorway, the first step to connect with mind and spirit.

Many years later I completed a 500hr teacher training with Jill Harris in the Krishnamacharya tradition. In my classes I like to combine many tools – asana, breath, chant and philosophy for a greater and deeper connection to all layers of the self. I believe that to really experience the benefits of yoga we need to start by coming to the mat with curiosity, an open heart and mind.

After leaving Argentina in my early twenties to travel the world, I settled in the Surfcoast area five years ago. I’m a photographer, jeweller, multi-instrumentalist and part of a local Kirtan group, among many other interests.

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